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The Bridesmaids

The Style of Bridesmaids Dresses

Thankfully the style of bridesmaids dresses has changed a lot over the years - so there's no need for the bride's closest friends and family to break out in a cold sweat when they're asked to be attendants! In fact, you may be surprised by just how many gorgeous dresses there are when you start browsing the salons; if you're thinking along the lines of those 1980s puff sleeves and slightly shiny nylon dresses, breathe a sigh of relief right now.

One point to consider when you choose your bridesmaids is that they will probably require a few fittings after the initial measurements are taken - which can be difficult if they live hundreds of miles from the salon. That's not to say it can't be done, but it may be more stressful for you than enlisting local maids. don't worry about so called traditions when choosing your bridesmaids; there's no reason why you have to ask your fiancé's sister if you're not close friends and she lives on the other side of the world.

Choosing The Dresses

Before you go shopping, talk to all your attendants about what they would like to wear and think about which colours and styles will suit everyone's colourings and figures. This is a lot easier to do these days, as dresses tend towards elegant simplicity and therefore suit more people. You may feel that, as it's your wedding, you are free to merely inform your bridesmaids of how they will be dressed rather than deciding together, but the last thing you need is a sulky bridesmaid who doesn't feel comfortable on the day. Happy bridesmaids also make for nicer wedding photos!

The Cost

Traditionally the bridesmaids wore identical outfits paid for by the bride, but these 'rules' are gradually changing. It's no longer unusual for brides to ask their bridesmaids to contribute, especially as the fashionable, modern outfits now on the market allow people to enjoy more wear out of them after the wedding. But if you have a specific idea of how the bridesmaids should look, you may not feel it's fair or appropriate to ask them to shell out for the wedding dress they would never buy themselves. Flexibility and communication are key when it comes to money matters, so talk to everyone involved before shopping to avoid misunderstandings.

Identical Bridesmaids?

Although matching bridesmaids are still the norm, brides are now much more likely to allow some freedom while keeping certain elements, such as colour and fabric, consistent. If you're having trouble finding one dress style that everyone agrees on, which is quite likely if you have a large bridal party, you could consider sourcing the fabric yourself. Then each bridesmaid can enlist a dressmaker to make her something she'll love. This needn't cost the earth and is much easier logistically if your bridesmaids live apart. Alternately you can always go for made-to-measure outfits that vary a little in style but still complement your dress and wedding. .....................................................................................................

The Bridesmaid Emergency Kit

A good bridesmaid can be a godsend, both in the months leading up to the wedding and on the day itself. There are lots of ways a bridesmaid can help out, one of these could be by preparing an emergency kit for all the little but important things that the bride will be too busy/nervous/excited to think about.
  • Mobile phone with key family and suppliers numbers
  • Tissues
  • Needle and thread and safety pins
  • A spare pair of tights
  • Hair repair kit: kirby grips, a comb and hairspray
  • Make-up kit: concealer, lipstick, make-up sponge and powder compact
  • Sticking plasters
  • Painkillers
  • Mints