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Wedding Decoration And Food

The Cake

At one time the ancient Greeks threw wedding cake over the bride and groom. Thankfully it's role has matured, and today's wedding cake is perceived as a classic photo opportunity, a symbol of fertility, and a centrepiece for the entire day that serves as a talking point for all the guests. Just like every other aspect of weddings, the cake is becoming increasingly personalised and tailored to suit the couple's tastes - so if you thought the traditional iced fruitcake was still your only option, look again.

Endless Options

You can buy your cake from a local bakery, a specialist cake designer or wedding caterers. Wherever you order your cake from, make sure you see a portfolio of the baker's previous work before you commit. And don't hesitate to make your own suggestions if you want something completely original, most cake makers are creative people who will relish a challenge. If you do have your own ideas be very specific with the cake maker to ensure you're not disappointed with the finished products. Likewise if you aren't keen on the conventional fillings or flavours of wedding cakes, there's no reason why you can't request something that's unusual. Whatever you've asked for a cake to be made from - whether it's carrot and orange, lemon cheesecake, spiced rum, banana nut or even white chocolate mousse - it's guaranteed that you won't be the first.

Mix And Match

Lots of couples now mix and match different flavours, perhaps with layers of sponge and fruitcake, so that they can give guests the choice and keep more traditionally minded guests happy. It's a good idea to look through magazines and cut out any pictures of cakes that catch your eye - however intricate the design, any baker worth his or her salt will be able to make you a replica. Bear in mind that the more ornate and detailed a cake is the more it will cost.

Decorating The Cake

Traditionally wedding cakes are made with royal icing, but fondant icing is becoming more popular because it is much softer and easier to work with. Lots of people are following the trend towards more understated and simply decorated wedding cakes, for example with a plainly iced stacked cake decorated with fresh flowers or minimal sugar-paste flowers. Of course your icing certainly doesn't have to be white, it can be made to match your bridesmaids' dresses, your overall colour scheme or your bouquets.

Cake Traditions

Cutting the cake is one of the first things the bride and groom do together as man and wife and as such is celebrated and cheered on by all the guests, especially as it marks the end of the formal proceedings. If you want to follow custom, the grooms hand should cover yours. Traditionally the cake cutting takes place after the speeches, but today many couples wait until their evening guests have arrived. Tradition also dictates that you save some cake to send on to any relatives or friends who could not make the wedding and is a nice touch to make people feel involved in your wedding. Many couples buy a smaller, less expensive cake for this purpose - nobody will ever know the difference and it's the thought that counts! Scottish Dirk for cutting wedding cake